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Diet Gluten and Lactose Free

Diet Gluten and Lactose Free

The Gluten Free Diet and Lactose Free Diet is primarily intended for people with celiac disease and who are allergic to gluten and lactose. The products containing these ingredients, are removed from the menu . Our diet eliminates products made from: wheat, rye, triticale, spelled and barley, as well as oats, due to the high risk of contamination of its crops with gluten. In order to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, and to deliver the necessary nutrients, they are replaced by products that naturally contain no gluten and lactose. There are different calories variants available in gluten free and lactose free diets:

• 1000 kcal

• 1200 kcal

• 1500 kcal

1800 kcal

• 2000 kcal

• individual order

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