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GYM Diet is directly addressed to people exercising in the gym. The right amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats will help us to achieve the right effects by exercising in the gym. Four meals Diet contains 150 grams of meat each meal! Each meal is supplemented with 120 grams of groats, pasta or rice and 70 grams of vegetables. Meals are composed of fresh products rich in vitamins and nutrients. FitEat meals do not use artificial flavors. The taste of the meals and the variety of meals are supervised by our chefs.

Typical Menu:

Meal 1: Omelet with 5 proteins and one egg yolk plus dried fruit.

Meal 2: Bulgur with chicken garam masala and boiled broccoli

Meal 3: Jaglana Curry with Chicken Curry and Spinach

Meal 4: Black rice with chicken with tomato

Meal 5: Grilled porridge with turkey in roast sauce and pickled cucumber salad.

czas trwania 1000 1800 5 Meals Zestaw Całodniowy 2400 kcal
1 day (trial) 55 zł 80 zł
1 week (without weekend) 400 zł
1 week 560 zł
2 weeks (without weekends) 800 zł
2 weeks 1 120 zł
3 weeks (without weekends) 825 zł 1 200 zł
4 weeks (without weekends) 1 200 zł 1 600 zł
3 weeks 1 680 zł
4 weeks 2 240 zł
30 days 1 770 zł 2 340 zł 1 740 zł