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Kids Menu

Kids Menu

Kids Menu has been prepared to care for the health of your children. Especially for the youngest ones, we have prepared a special menu, which was created in collaboration with the MediDiet clinic. Kids menu is adjusted to the age and needs of children and youths to provide the right amount of nutrients necessary for their proper functioning and development.

It is important that the calorific value is properly calculated. Children below 10-12 should not go on a diet, but provided with healthy habits and an appropriate number of calories for their age and gender. E.g. children aged:

  • 4-6 years - 1400 kcal
  • 7-9 years - 1700 kcal
  • 10-12 years - 2400 kcal
  • in children over 12, individually selected calorific content may be used for slimming effects

According to your expectations, we have prepared two options:

  • Kids Menu - full-day sets consisting of five balanced meals
  • Kids Menu - healthy breakfast consisting of breakfast and brunch


Healthy breakfast

Full day set 1400 kcal

All day set 1800 kcal

All day set 2400 kcal

All day set 3000 kcal

czas trwania Healthy breakfast Zdrowe Śniadanie
1 day (trial) 16 zł 20 zł
1 week (without weekend) 80 zł
1 week 112 zł
2 weeks (without weekends) 160 zł
2 weeks 224 zł
3 weeks (without weekends) 240 zł
4 weeks (without weekends) 320 zł
3 weeks 336 zł
4 weeks 448 zł
30 days 464 zł